How quickly will I get my watch back?

On average we normally aim to return your time piece within 10 working days.

Do I get any a warranty?

Yes all work carried out is subject to our 12month warranty

Will you change the battery?

Yes, if your watch has a battery of course we will change it as part of our service.

The glass on my watch is smashed, will this be replaced?

No, our valeting service covers minor scuffs, dents and general metal fatigue. We can replace the glass of course, but this would be subject to additional charges we may recommend on receiving.
*Check the message section on your job, for any recommendations we might offer.

What makes Watch Kings different to others?

We genuinely have been servicing the watch and jewellery industry for over 30 years. We have a team of highly skilled craftsmen and women at our state-of-the-art refurbishment centre.

Are you the Same Watch Kings from Devon?

No, we are associated by domain name only. We are Watchkings.com they were .co.uk

Can I bring my watch to you?

I am afraid we do not currently offer a drop off service, we cover the entire UK via secure postal services. Simply fill in the form, choose your insurance option and we will send you a secured postal pack.

Getting your items to us

At no time will Watch Kings be held responsible, and liability will rest with the sender at all times so please make sure you have sent securely and insured your item/s for its market price value. Follow all the instructions provided for packaging and sending your item to us. Please be aware that even though your item/s will be inserted into our self-addressed return package, this does not mean postage has been prepaid or that your item is automatically insured this will the sender’s responsibility until we receive the item and can verify the consents of the package.



This shows you request has reached our estimating team.


Your estimate is ready to be viewed and accepted.


You should now receive your packaging within 2 working days. Ready to send your item to our Centre of Excellence.


Your item has arrived at the Centre of Excellence. Here it will be photographed and examined. It is at this stage that if we feel more work is required, or there is query regarding any part of the information sent, your item will be put on hold, and you will be contacted.


Your refurbishment / valuation has been completed, and has moved to our despatch department.


Your item has been sent back secured and insured.