Breguet & Fils Herritage

Abraham-Louis Breguet, who lived from 1747 to 1823, is considered one of the greatest watchmakers of all time. Kings, queens, and emperors from all over the world, including Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Queen of Naples, commissioned timepiece creations from A.-L. Breguet. Aside from incredible aesthetics and artistry, A.-L. Breguet was also notable for his bevy of timekeeping innovations and inventions—many of which are still used in modern watchmaking.

Today, the house of Montres Breguet carries on his legacy by manufacturing some of the grandest Swiss-made watches in the luxury market. One such example of Breguet’s fine work is the spectacular Breguet Héritage Grande Complication watch, which marries familiar Breguet hallmarks with an unconventional watch silhouette.

A departure from the traditional round case, the Breguet Héritage collection offers watches with curvy barrel-shaped cases while still retaining signature Breguet design traits.

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