Rolex Sand blast Yatch Master 2



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The Rolex Yacht-Master is a collection of luxury sports watches that are worn and adorned by sportsmen and celebrities alike. There are actually two different models in the collection: the Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II. Despite their similar names, the two watches are ultimately very different timepieces, and each features its own unique aesthetic and capabilities.

While the original Rolex Yacht-Master is an ultra-luxurious take on Rolex’s already popular sports watches, the Rolex Yacht-Master II was purpose-built to time out regattas in competitive sailing. Essentially, the Yacht-Master is the kind of watch you wear while lounging on a boat and a Yacht-Master II is what you wear if you’re racing one. Nonetheless, both Rolex watches are incredibly popular models in the brand’s lineup with collectors ogling over their beautiful alloys and sophisticated designs.

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