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Who are Watch Kings?

We are a professional of jewellery and horological craftspeople who represent more than 100 years of experience working on valuable and rare time pieces. Our craftspeople and valuers are either master jewellers or representatives of the Horological society and are all skilled craftsman’s.

What makes us unique is our customer service and professionalism. We are the only company which uses a bespoke management system where you the customer can track your watch 24 / 7. You can stay in touch and updated at every stage of the transit, detailing and valeting process, viewing online or receiving text and email updates on a regular basis if required.


30 years experience


Genuine parts only


Handled with care

Why are our services required ?

People who own prestigious and valuable watch marks like to wear and enjoy them, but during the course of use they will inevitably begin to show signs of wear and tear. At present your options are to either leave it in its box in case of damage, or wear and use your timepiece encountering everyday signs of heavy use, until a service and refurbish is needed.

At Watch Kings we believe owning a luxury watch is similar to owning a luxury or performance car; we don’t always  need it serviced, but cosmetically always want it looking like the day it left the showroom. Many of our customers have their cars valeted and detailed on a regular basis to maintain and protect their investment and take pleasure in its appearance.

Watch Kings offer the equivalent service for your watch, as you don’t always need to send your watch off for an expensive service, when really all you want is to refurbish and detail your watch and bring it up to showroom condition.

We guarantee a quick and efficient turnaround, usually being returned to you within a 2 week time frame or even sooner. We understand that your watch needs to be back on your wrist as soon as possible!

Watch Kings VIP is a premium service where your watch is fast tracked through its journey; this is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to be without their watch for more time than is necessary, or perhaps is booked to go away for business or pleasure and requires a quick turnaround. After 6 visits to Watch Kings you will automatically qualify for our VIP service for the following 12 months.