Detailing the 10 step process

On receiving and checking in your timepiece at one of our workshops, the process begins. Firstly your watch will be allotted to a dedicated specialist who will fully assess its condition to ascertain what work will be required.

Step 1

  • Does the clasp work properly?
  • Does the bracelet need tightening?
  • Are there any damaged links?
  • Is the glass chipped, scratched to the point it needs replacing?
  • Is there any damage to the dial or hands?
  • For watches that are diamond set, are there any stones missing or damaged that may need replacing?

Step 2

Before the refurbishment begins, the watch is stripped down by a horological member of our team.

Step 3

The bracelet is removed from the case. The case back is removed, the movement taken out of the case and carefully stored ready for reinsertion. The bezel and glass will also be removed at this stage.

Once this is completed the refurbishment can begin.

Step 4

The strap is the first piece of the watch to be prepared and worked on, if the strap needs realigning to maintain its original form, each individual link will tightened by hand and the clasp will be adjusted to factory tolerances.

Step 5

The sides of the bracelet are first to be polished, removing any dents or scratches. The back of the strap is then polished and re-textured.

The front of the strap will have each link individually polished, at this point any links requiring re-texturing eg – satin finish, brush finish will have the process now applied by hand.

Step 6

The case sides, shoulders and back are polished next. Any cases requiring the shoulders and backs to be re-grained will have this process applied at this stage.

The case back will be buffed to a high polished finish where necessary, with the centre being re-grained. The bezel will have dents and scratches removed and returned to a high polished finish.

All the finished pieces will be placed into an ultrasonic cleaner to be de-greased, removing all residues.

Step 7

Once all the pieces are cleaned they will undergo high pressure ultrasonic treatment to ensure no water marks or fingerprints are present on any surfaces.

Step 8

The watch will then be returned to the horological member of our team, who will reassemble the case, and apply a new waterproof seal.

Step 9

The assembled watch is now sent to be pressure tested in a vacuum chamber to ensure a watertight seal and fit. All watches are stringently tested after reassembly and receive a printed readout and certification of waterproofing.

Step 10

The strap is added to the watch and undergoes a stringent quality control check. Once inspected and passed, it will be forwarded to packing to finish the process, then returned to you in near to original factory condition.

Watch Kings also offers fluted bezels for many Rolexes which have white or yellow gold the option to have the bezel re-diamond cut at an optional extra charge, and for Rolexes and many other marks we offer a plastic and sapphire glass replacement service. Please see your model for prices-

Additional services outside of a general refurbishment include..

  • Re-diamond cutting fluted bezels
  • Re-sand blasting bezels for Rolex Yachtmaster
  • Changing of glasses.. plastic and sapphire crystal
  • Changing of bezel inserts.. ceramic and non ceramic

Watch Kings have simplified the process and cost of valuations for insuring and supporting the selling of substantial timepieces. We are constantly providing valuations for quality watches, and can offer this great new service, at a flat price regardless of the item`s cost and value. You can access the digital Valuation Certificate online which can be either saved as a PDF, or directly printable for the whole term you remain a Watch Kings customer.

Ready to make your watch look like new again?