Cartier Ronde Louis White Gold

The ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’ as it’s still called, was born around 1937 and is a creation by the maestro himself. I have to be a bit vague since there is no exact information from Cartier yet about the precise date when this model was introduced. The elegant and – for that time – very modern timepiece found its way to a discriminating clientele and was always build in small production runs.  This was before it became the role model for a new men’s watch. The Ronde Louis Cartier should not be confused with the ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ which was launched in 2006. While both models have a lot in common, the ‘Ronde Louis Cartier’ downs the ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ when it comes to elegance, style, and sophistication. The lugs of the Ronde are bending inwards, shorter, more roundish and the sapphire set crown is less prominent. The ‘Rotonde de Cartier’ is another world, it was designed in 2008 and was built to house Cartier’s new complicated movements.

A discreet looking watch with a lot of charm and the typical Cartier styling like the ‘Ronde de Cartier’, it doesn’t get better than this.

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