Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre

Born from the dream to push the boundaries of watchmaking, the Dual-Wing concept is doubly revolutionary. Two independent mechanisms, united by a single regulating organ, guarantee the unparalleled performance and precision of a Duomètre watch. The first mechanism is dedicated to the proper functioning of the complications, The second ensures the precise measurement of passing time. The cohabitation of these two parts, which form the Dual-Wing movement, earn the Duomètre collection a special place in the world of highly complex watches. These watches are fashioned down to the smallest detail. All of these pieces are decorated with mastery and infinite patience. A host of high-precision techniques are used to manually decorate the movements of each watch. For example, the “côtes soleillées” are a patented technique that leave an impression on the metal similar to the rays of the sun. The exceptional attention to detail allows for a harmonious interaction between all of the Duomètre elements.

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